Saturday, 13 August 2011

​​Yogyakarta - Warmth And A smile Are Always For You

Yogyakarta is a province full of uniqueness. Located in south central Java which directly borders the Pacific Ocean. Yogyakarta is the only area that was given the privilege by the State of Indonesia. This privilege because the king is a role model and highly respected by the people of Yogyakarta. Sultan's Palace is the royal palace where he lived and perform its functions. Yogyakarta communities have great respect and comply with the policy of the king of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

Yogyakarta referred as tourism and culture city. Many of the attractions you can visit if you come to Yogyakarta. Natural attractions, history, culture and culinary can be found there. Each time the school holidays and public holidays, Yogyakarta visited by many tourists. Malioboro and Sultan palace dominate the largest number of tourists. In addition, the Prambanan Hindu temple is a cultural heritage and historical tourism spot also a tourist destination to come to Yogyakarta.

Culture in Yogyakarta is still very strong and still firmly held by the public. Cultural heritage of the ancestors are still run by people in everyday life. Slametan, offerings and procedures in various community activities remain preserved. This can be seen in a wedding, birth, harvest time, the use of Javanese calendar, and others. In the local art, we can enjoy a variety of entertainment such as dance, singing, painting, shadow puppets and many more that are all a reflection to Yogyakarta Yogyakarta has a rich culture that is inappropriate for us to preserve.

Yogyakarta is a student center. In addition to organizing the first school with a structured pattern of teaching by Ki Hajar Dewantoro, Yogyakarta is a province with a number of schools, colleges and most universities in Indonesia. The quality of teaching and the graduates have been recognized and dominate the professional workforce in Indonesia. And because of that, students from various regions in Indonesia come to study in Yogyakarta. Another name of Yogyakarta is little Indonesia because all regions, tribes and ethnic groups whose residing in the territory of Indonesia live in Yogyakarta.

Characteristic of Yogyakarta is known for hospitality community. Warm smile and everyone greeted each other is a reflection of the harmony the people of Yogyakarta. Do not be surprised if you are accosted by people you do not know if only to say "hello, hi". That is why the region of Yogyakarta became comfortable as a residence. 

Yogyakarta Traditional dress called kebaya. You can see people wearing traditional kebaya in traditional markets or when you attend a wedding. But now many designers modify kebaya with various shapes and decoration.

The traditional house of Yogyakarta is joglo. Joglo is a form of house built by using four main pillars in the middle of the house as a cornerstone. Nowadays people rarely build homes with joglo concept.

Every region in Indonesia has a unique weapon. Keris is a typical weapon of Yogyakarta. You can see people carrying a keris in when it comes to marriage, or if you come to Sultan's Palace. The courtiers are always carrying their keris at his waist.

Gamelan music is an art unique in Yogyakarta. Gamelan Yogyakarta has its own hallmark. Gamelan in Yogyakarta has a soft pulsating rhythm with a slow tempo.

Other entertainment is the puppet arts. By taking the epic story that is older than mahabaratha and Ramayana are the hallmark of most of the puppet story. It is that many researchers assume that the Javanese culture is older than the oldest culture in India.

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