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Bunaken ferry

On a ferry from Manado, Sulawesi, to the famous Bunaken Island. Our boat had a glass-bottom insert which we used to view the coral and aquatic life through the remarkably clear water.
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Bunaken Diving experience
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Diving in Bunaken - Nicolekiss

Went diving in Bunaken Island, off Manado in Indonesia with a bunch of friends. Beautiful south pacific ocean. visit

Bunaken Marine Park
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A Solitary Beach in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ketapang, an Indonesian hidden gem, is located just south of Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan. I was personally delighted to visit Ketapang last Christmas and my visit brought back many sweet memories. As you may not know, I was born in Ketapang but my family moved to Jakarta when I was just 1 year old. So, to be able to visit the place where I was born was a fantastic experience. And I can tell you for sure that Ketapang is worth the visit.
There are two ways to get to Ketapang: by air or by sea. Supadio airport in Pontianak serves weekly flights to Ketapang. Or, if you prefer, you can also take an express boat, which is considerably a longer trip. One thing that I first noticed when I arrived in Ketapang was that there were many swallow birds flying freely. Harvesting Swallow's nest (a Chinese cuisine delicacy) is a very popular business here.
So, if you are an aggressive businessman who likes to seize every opportunity, visiting Ketapang can be worthwhile.
The highlight of my trip was "Pagatimun," a hidden beach that offers tranquility & solitude. The beach is approximately 1.2 hours drive from Ketapang. It goes deep to an area that is hardly touched by tourists or travelers, even the locals themselves. The sound of the waves breaking was as calming as the sound of stars above. Pagatimun offers serenity that you may not find anywhere in the world.
On my way back from Ketapang, I decided to stay for a couple of days in Pontianak. Pontianak, "Kota Khatulistiwa" or Equator City, is the place to visit to experience wonderful culinary creations. It is called "Kota Khatulistiwa" because the city is located precisely on the equator line.
Many travelers transit here before their long journey deep into jungles of Kalimantan via the Kapuas River. There are, however, many other attractions here that you may want to explore. Places to visit and attractions in Pontianak are coming soon as we launch our informativesite.
Interesting fact
The name "Pontianak" comes from a folklore. It is said that Pontianak means "pregnant with child" and she was the ghost that haunted the first group who arrived in the uninhabited area of Pontianak.

Eating out in Bali, Travel Video Guide

I wander the narrow lanes away from the tourist strip restaurants of Kuta to find meals half the price. I order a Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mango Juice which cost me less than AUD. I speak with owner Dewik about meal options for vegetarians. Thanks to Dewik of Sapo Laish 1, Jl. Batu Pageh Legian Kelot, Kuta
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Bali Travel Packages From India -The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok

Frommer’s Bali and Lombok

 “Frommer’s Bali and Lombok” includes information on plan an adventurous vacation, whether you’re hiking, practicing yoga, sailing, scuba diving, or surfing your way around Bali and Lombok; explore ancient seaside and cliff-top temples, strolling through rice terraces, learning traditional music and dance, and discovering hidden beaches; find everything from rich Balinese textiles, to classic handcrafts, and unique paintings; book alternative accommodations and seeking out the islands’ local side, including staying in family homes and finding the best Balinese cuisine in warungs; Plus, enjoy a discussion on the history and culture of both islands, a Balinese and Indonesian language guide, and more!
Hungry wave seekers can find breaks in Bali and Lombok’s waters every day of the year: Detailed maps throughout; Exact prices, directions, opening hours, and other practical information; Candid reviews of hotels and restaurants, plus sights, shopping, and nightlife; Itineraries, walking tours, and trip-planning ideas; also many insider tips from local expert authors.
Bali: A Travel Adventure

The tropical Indonesian paradise of Bali has extraordinarily vivid beauty.
Terraced rice paddies seemingly rise up to the sky, while silhouetted palms, still active volcanoes and volcanic lakes contrast with lovely beaches and lagoons. Bali’s temples, carved statues, and colorful art are evidence of a thriving culture that maintains its freshness and simplicity in a modern age. Bali: A Travel Adventure is an unforgettable visual record of the island and its people.
Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods

“Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods” is a good quality guide book for those who travel to Bali not just to lie on a beach or surf, but also for its amazingcultural and historical heritage, where every village and temple have their own story.
You will not see “places to shop” or “places to stay” in this book. “Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods” is a book for people who want to feel in a new place not like stupid foreigners but rather informed observers, understanding the Bali’s performances, rituals, and the lifestyle. The book gives you the background you need to decide what you want to see and where you want to go in Bali. The writing is clear, informed, highly opinionated in a “been there done that” in a sort of way.
The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok

 Make the most of the cultural and natural richness of Bali & Lombok with this comprehensive and up-to-date guide. The full-colour introduction takes a stunning look at many of the islands’ highlights, from the dramatic cliff top temples to the sparkling white-sand beaches. “The Rough Guide to Bali & Lombok” also give you information about Balinese pop music, volcanic landscapes, traditional and modern performing arts and coverage of the islands’ chic side with fashionable spas, designer boutique hotels and exceptional shopping, plus family-friendly destinations and activities. Whatever kind of traveller you are, from beach comber to eco-tourist, on a budget or money’s-no-object, you’ll find the accommodation, restaurants and experiences that are right for you. Extras include advice on where to dive, how to arrange treks up the island’s volcanoes and the top surf breaks. The Rough Guide to Bali & Lombok gives you all the practical advice you’ll need for a great adventure.

I discuss the two types of massages available in Bali. It is important for men in particular to be aware of this so as not to lead to misunderstanding. There is a traditional massage which one can usually get in beauty salons, and there is the complete massage, which usually finishes with a happy ending! These complete massages are usually offered by women not working in beauty salons, but just working the street, renting a small room. The cost of a traditional massage is very reasonable, about -5 AUD for an hour. The cost for a happy ending massage you will have to investigate yourself!
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Bunaken Sunset

At the Kima Bajo resort near the Bunaken Marine Park outside Manado on Sulawesi in Indonesia. Every day when we came down to the beach to see the sunset it was a surreal experience. Besides most of the sunset being spectacular (this one was kind of tame compared to others) with brilliant colors, a volcano rising from the sea in the distance (Manado Tua), just a few fishing boats in the bay going out for their nightly catch, there was also the hypnotic chanting blaring from louspeakers at the mosque in the nearby village. Really a gorgeous and trippy experience every evening.
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Shopping in Kuta, Aussie Culture gone wild! Bali Travel Video Guide

Wandering the shops of Poppies Lane 1 and 2, it is interesting to see how Australian culture has influenced what is available for sale. Crass t-shirts and stickers adorn the walls. I purchase a Bintang Beer singlet, essential uniform for every Aussie yobbo.

I plan on filming a night out in the Kuta Beach tourism precinct but instead meet some Australians running a local bar and settle in to learn about visa requirements for expats. Australians over 65 get a special 12 month visa which means many stay in Bali in order to stretch the value of their pensions. I also film the common Kuta species, Australis Drunkis Yobbois, which flys to bali from Australia in large packs in the summer months. It is known for it's loud call and colorful tattoo plumage. Thanks to Craig and John of Croc and Cracs Bar
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Viral Indonesia (Indonesia Travel)

This Viral Video is officially released by which is merely aimed to introduce the exotic places in Indonesia that could be used as world-class shooting. This video will lead you to discover the enchanting Indonesia with its potential nature realm; The Magical Mount Bromo, Komodo Island (The finalists of new7wonders), Kota Tua Jakarta, Alluring Kraton Yogyakarta, The Breathtaking views of Green Canyon, and Exotic underwater world of Bunaken. However, you can give your contribution to help us to spread this video to your loyal friends, family, and your beloved one all over the world in order to make Indonesia to be a world-wide known country. Please Visit Official Tourism Website of Indonesia :
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Taman Safari at Puncak, only about 2 or 3 hours driving from Jakarta, is a Zoo, with car safari trail that allows cars and tourist buses to see and/or feed elephants, zebras, goats, hippos and more, hiking trails, petting zoo. Inside the zoo there are more animals to see, shows to view such as the 'Wild-Wild West' the Lion show and the Sea-Lion Show. Ride the elephants and ponies. Rides and restaurants/food outlets. It is one of the biggest zoo in Indonesia.
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Gedung Sate - Bandung City - Travel Bandung - West Java - Indonesia Travel Guide (Tourism)

Gedung Sate - Bandung - West Java. visit:

Bali Tour

visiting one of the most photographed scenery spot in Bali, Indonesia. Fortunate to be able to watch the Balinese celebrating some ceremony.
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Mendut, Indonesia

Mendut is a Buddhist temple which does not only have a striking exterior. Mendut also contains some of the finest Buddhist statues in whole Indonesia. For more info on Mendut, Indonesia, visit: "..Mendut is one of several temples in the area which all date back to around 8th and 9th century. Mendut is often mentioned together with two other nearby Buddhist temples; Pawon and Borobudur. Out of these three temples, Mendut is the oldest one. More precisely, inscriptions have shown that Candi Mendut was built by King Indra in 824 during the Sailendra dynasty -- one of two mighty kingdoms in ancient Java. It was the same dynasty who built the famous Borobudur and many other Buddhist temples in the region." For more great video and audio guides from the world's most interesting places, check out has three purposes. The first is to be a source of inspiration for your next trip or simply to dream yourself away. Once you have chosen where to go, serves as an aid in planning your journey and deciding what to see. Last but not least, our Audioguides are meant to accompany you on your trip to provide valuable information once you are on-site at your destination. Everything provided to you without any cost - Enjoy!
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Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple in Central Java after Borobudur and one of the best pieces of ancient Javanese architecture in the world. For more info on Sewu, Indonesia, visit: "..Unknown to many is that the history of Sewu Temple is closely associated with the locally famous legend of "Loro Jonggrang". The legend tells the story about two ancient and neighboring kingdoms in Java, Pengging and Boko. The two kingdoms raged war against each other and after a series of devastating battles, Pengging came out victorious. In the last battle, the Pengging Prince, filled with supernatural powers, defeated the enemy king. After his victory, the Prince requested a marriage between himself and the dead king's daughter, whose beauty was unmatched." For more great video and audio guides from the world's most interesting places, check out has three purposes. The first is to be a source of inspiration for your next trip or simply to dream yourself away. Once you have chosen where to go, serves as an aid in planning your journey and deciding what to see. Last but not least, our Audioguides are meant to accompany you on your trip to provide valuable information once you are on-site at your destination. Everything provided to you without any cost - Enjoy!
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GBS Bandung Trip 2008

went to Bandung, Lembang. We stayed at Kampoeng Legok, Near Broom Sticks restaurant, in front of Vipasana Graha Vihara, Lembang. Video shooting and editing by Raygen

Kartika Sari - Oleh Oleh Khas Bandung - Bandung City - West Java - Indonesia Travel Guide (Tourism)

Kartika Sari - Bandung - West Java (Oleh-oleh khas Bandung). visit:

Seaworld Indonesia - Wisata Jakarta - Jakarta City - Indonesia Travel Guide (Tourism)

Seaworld Indonesia - Jakarta - Indonesia Travel Guide. More information, visit :
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Night party with locals on Bunaken island Sulawesi Indonesia

◄ Kraton Ratu Boko, Indonesia [HD] ►

The charming Kraton Ratu Boko is different compared to many other heritage sites around Java. This place is more like a ruin than any other surrounding temples. For more info on Kraton Raut Boko, Indonesia, visit: "..Kraton Ratu Boku was build during the reign of a descendant of the Sailendra dynasty -- one of the most powerful kingdoms on ancient Java. Exactly when the Ratu Boko was built is difficult to say, as the ancient Javanese didn't write any formal documentation. However, inscriptions mention Ratu Boko being occupied as early as in the 8th century. The exact purpose of Ratu Boko is also hard to say. Some different theories have evolved, the most recognized one being that Ratu Boko was in fact a fortified monastery." For more great video and audio guides from the world's most interesting places, check out has three purposes. The first is to be a source of inspiration for your next trip or simply to dream yourself away. Once you have chosen where to go, serves as an aid in planning your journey and deciding what to see. Last but not least, our Audioguides are meant to accompany you on your trip to provide valuable information once you are on-site at your destination. Everything provided to you without any cost - Enjoy!
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"Semarang, Java, Indonesia" Bowtie's photos around Semarang, Indonesia (hotel surya (semerang))

Preview of Bowtie's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Semarang, Indonesia Entry Title: "Semarang, Java, Indonesia" Entry: "Arrived in Semarang yesterday around 1 pm Took the executive train (Argo Anggrek) from Surabaya Pasar Turi train station at 8 am. I had to pay the full fare to Jakarta which was 440000. Was in executive class and was problem free. The AC in Indonesia is very different than in Malaysia. I found the AC in buses and boats to be at the freezing mark in Malaysia whereas in Indonesia they seem to keep them so that they are still blowing warm air!!!!! Relying on Lonely Planet, I took a taxi from the train station to Hotel Surya (Jl Imam Bonjol 28 Tel: 3540355) in Semarang. The room seemed fine and more or less clean!!! (Everything clean except the walls!!) and the price for a deluxe (not really deluxe but bigger window!!!) is 280 incl. breakfast. Again because it seemed reasonable I took it, put my luggage in the room and then went out exploring the old City of Semarang. Right beside Johar Pasar (Traditional market of Semarang) I stopped at the Metro Hotel (JL Hai Agus Salim 2-4 ( e-mail and I was quite impressed with both the room and the price . They were going to let me have the executive room (which looked more like junior suite) with breakfast for 288000 which basically was much ...
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Preview of Graceonthego's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Jakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: "Somewhere between Bandung and Jakarta" Entry: "I'm in the car with Marty and Hogi right now, watching the scenery pass from banana fields to dried hillsides to drive thru KFC and Starbucks. Indonesia is a country of contrasts. Extreme poverty, unbelievably wealthy, rice fields next to golf courses. I am enthralled, truly. So the first thing everyone talks about is the traffic. It's supposedly some of the worst in the world, but the week we flew in marked the end of the holy month so everyone, and I mean everyone, went on vacation. Traffic was almost non-existent. It should be back to normal crazy next week. Since the traffic was so light, our friend Cynthia organized a tour with her friend Amir who is a local historian. Early, the first morning we met our guide and Cynthia's sister and friends at Starbucks for a little breakfast, then we were off. First stop was the fish market, a dizzying maze of shacks and ramshackle "piers" and "docks" with people selling everything from musical instruments to wire to dried fish and even a lizard. As you would expect, there were cats everywhere napping in the sun or hiding in the shadows. Men were lazily lounging in the heat. A pudgy little baby was giggling in his brother's hands. We came upon a family at the end of ...
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Bali Travel Video

Travel footage from our trip to Bali. More travel videos here:
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Indonesia - Top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia offers everyone the best available choices of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Here are my top five most beautiful beaches in Indonesia:
1. Balikpapan - is an Indonesian seaport located in the eastern coast of Borneo island. This is small city that is clean with its clear blue skies and a secluded city. Not of the city life is seen so one can always enjoy a peaceful and quiet visit in this lovely place. The can be reached via plane, or car rides and ferry rides. There are lots to be seen in the place including the beautiful and attractive beaches together with the other establishments found in the place. This is a very ideal place for people who wants a fun beach vacation but wants to have a serene and quiet time without the may noise.
2. Manado - the capital of one of Indonesia's provinces which is the North Sulawesi.
This is a very beautiful beach bay that is a resident area for many locals. There are also other attraction sites here apart from the coast. There are lots of tarsiers found here that makes the place very well known. And everyone will enjoy seeing these animals once they visit Manado beach bay.
3. Makassars - the capital of South Sulawesi and is the largest city in the island. The beaches are here are pretty crowded during weekends that make this beach very well known. Visitors of the beach can enjoy picnics and a swim to the waters with their family and friends.
4. Jayapura - where the best beaches in Indonesia are found specially the amazing Amai beach that is a famous beach in Indonesia and a perfect getaway place for lots of beach and nature lovers.
5. Ambon Island - part of Indonesia's Maluku Islands that is mountainous and very attractive. During the months October and April are the best time to go for a beach trip in Ambon when the summer heat is on without the heavy rains and cloudy skies. This is aperfect place for families to spend their summer vacation trips.
Here are the top five most beautiful and must see beaches in Indonesia. There are other beautiful and attractive beaches in this wonderful country that will surely delight everyone who visits the. Explore them all when you visit Indonesia and have the best vacation of all.

Blissful Bali yoga retreats

Any activity done in the right surrounding gives the utmost benefit. If you are studying, you can concentrate only if the surrounding is peaceful. Imagine studying in a cafeteria or restaurant. It’s difficult, isn’t it?? Similarly when it comes to exercise, it also has to be in appropriate surroundings for utmost benefits. For practices such as yoga this is paramount. Yoga retreats are typically in a calm, serene and blissful environment so that you derive the utmost benefit from the activity. Retreats in Bali offer just such an experience. They take full advantage of very beautiful green surroundings and natural scenic beauty that calms the body and the soul.
Bali is in Indonesia, amidst a set of islands, with lush greenery and tropical beauty. It is well know for its cultural diversity and spirituality. All this make Bali the ideal destination for yoga.
The majority of population is Hindu, and they attempt to see the divine creator in everything from trees to animals. This makes the environment very spiritual and pleasant. The fresh flowers spread their fragrance in the air and you can feel the fresh air wafting over you even in the midst city life. Everyday flowers are offered to gods and the surrounding environment is then filled with its vibrant color and freshness.
Yoga and meditation, massages, healing therapies, spiritual discourses and practice are a part of retreats set up at Bali. Thus it is like a heaven for the yoga practitioners coming to Bali. You will experience nature’s beauty, tranquility, and feel blessed by being brought into this beautiful world. The serene environment helps you relieve stress and fatigue. It helps you connect to your inner self and get detached from the busy external routine where we so often do not get time to experience our inner self.
Carolyn from Australia, had been on a Bali yoga retreat.
Carolyn shared her experience saying, “The Bali yoga retreat has been a wonderful opportunity toescape the stresses of our daily lives. The daily practice in the midst of the beauty and sounds of the forest prepared us and opened our hearts and minds. In this state we fully appreciated the Balinese spiritual rituals.”
Many times people come to these retreats but fail to detach themselves from the external worries. You might consider limiting the use of your laptop and keeping your cell phones switched off when you are Bali yoga retreat. The aim of being here is to find refuge from your daily life and experience the peaceful state of your internal being so that when you get back home, you might be able to carry that state right into your daily routine.
Consider planning a Bali yoga retreat and experience the difference it makes to your life.

Take a tour of the top 5 attractions of Bali, Indonesia.
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"Java Bali Lombok Tour Package 10D9N" Javalotustravel's photos around Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Preview of Javalotustravel's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: "Java Bali Lombok Tour Package 10D9N" Entry: "Itinerary: DAY 01. ARRIVAL JAKARTA Meet and greet by your tour guide at Jakarta airport (Afternoon flight). Direct transfer to hotel for check in and stay overnight. DAY 02. JAKARTA CITY TOUR (B,L) Breakfast at hotel and proceed Jakarta city tour visiting National Museum, Sunda Kelapa old harbor, Old Batavia and China town at Glodok. DAY 03. JAKARTA - BANDUNG (B,L) After breakfast, check out and depart to to Bandung. Arrive in Bandung drive to Tangkuban Perahu volcano. See for yourself acrater of 2000 meter in diameter that lays at 1800 meter ASL. Upon completion this tour, then proceed to Bandung city, check in at hotel and free program at your leisure. Optional: Afternoon sightseeing around Bandung city, visit Merdeka building; a place for Asian African conference held in 1955, Geology museum; the home to various kinds of ancient stuff. Sate building; an Italian style of renaissance Spain and Siam building built in 1920, now utilized as a center of West Java provincial government. Last, take your time for a relax strolls along famous Bandung's shopping street at Jalan RE Martdianata. DAY 04. BANDUNG - YOGYAKARTA (By train) (B) Morning breakfast, check out and depart to Bandung trin station to catch ...
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Ballenas Bunaken - Bunaken whales DIVE

the best travel: MANADO

Snorkling At Bunaken
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Part 2 Dana Lee our Bali 2008 tour guide sharing recipe for happiness

Dana Lee was a wealth of information and a very kind person. Not only did he tell us all about the Balinese people, culture and landmarks, but he shared many good insights on positive living.
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Dana Lee was a wealth of information and a very kind person. Not only did he tell us all about the Balinese people, culture and landmarks, but he shared many good insights on positive living.
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"JOGJA -BOROBUDUR- DIENG-MALANG-BROMO-IJEN TOUR" Fajartour_jogja's photos around Jakarta, Indonesia

Preview of Fajartour_jogja's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Jakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: "JOGJA -BOROBUDUR- DIENG-MALANG-BROMO-IJEN TOUR" Entry: "DAILY COACH TOUR : JOGJA - BROMO - KAWAH IJEN BOROBUDUR TOUR ( 5HOURS ) depart : 05.00 / 07.30 / 09.00 / 14.00 price : IDR 175.00 / person PRAMBANAN TOUR ( 4HOURS ) depart : 07.00 / 09.00 / 11.00 / 14.00 price : IDR 175.000 / person BOROBUDUR & DIENG PLATEAU ( 12HOURS) depart : 05.00 / 07.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person BOROBUDUR & GEDONG SONGGO ( 12HOURS ) depart : 05.00 / 07.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person BOROBUDUR - KRATON - PRAMBANAN ( 9HOURS ) depart : 05.00 / 08.00 price : IDR 275.000 / person BOROBUDUR-KALIURANG- PRAMBANAN ( 8HOURS) depart : 05.00 / 07.00 / 09.00 price : IDR 250.000 / person BOROBUDUR-MT.MERAPI TREKKING-PRAMBANAN (10HOURS) depart : 05.00 / 07.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person KALIURANG - KRATON - IMOGIRI - PARANG TRITIS BEACH ( 10HOURS ) depart : 08.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person BARON - KUKUP - KRAKAL ( 9HOURS ) depart : 09.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person SUNRISE AT MT.MERAPI VOLCANO ( 14HOURS ) depart : 22.00 price : IDR 350.000 / person included : guide for trekking, home stay, breakfast, drinks. DIENG PLATEAU TOUR ( 10HOURS ) depart : 07.00 price : IDR 275.000 / person SOLO - PRAMBANAN TOUR ( 10HOURS ) depart : 07.00 price : IDR 300.000 / person SUKUH-CETHO-TAWANG ...

Indonesia - Discover The Unique Culture of Indonesia

Indonesian culture has shaped it's ways throughout the generations between it's original indigenous customs and traditions and the multiple influences of the foreign people. Indonesia played a very important role being the middle of trading routes between the Far East and that of the Middle East that had resulted many cultural and multitude of other religions and beliefs.
One of Indonesia's amazing cultures is the country's unique art-forms and that expresses mixed cultures. There are the Indonesian's traditional puppet shows that is influenced mainly by the Hindus and Islam that among the villagers of Java. The western culture in the other hand has influenced Indonesia with modern entertainment features and techniques like the art of TV shows and movies together with their songs. Their political system was influenced mainly of the Western's.
Though the Indonesians have been influenced by many foreign lads, the many remote places of the country still possess and reserve the country's unique culture, rituals, customs and old traditions.
Indonesian music has been a very big part of the Indonesian community making it a very important role in every Indonesian lives.
The dance together with their music has also been a big part of Indonesian civilization. There are lots of traditional dances that are being played and performed during special occasions in some public places.
Apart from their dance and music, the Indonesian's drama and theatre are being performed in certain Indonesian occasions. Performances subjects with the country's history. They actually perform folk stories and get to play each unique character that will give life to the performances.
Painting is also been well known for the Indonesians and that they are very artistic and detailed with colorful and traditional designs that are unique by the Indonesians.
These paintings are used to be backgrounds of the theatre arts performances that give life to theshow.
Here are the some of the traditional customs and traditions behind the Indonesian culture. Through the years, their culture has diverged and lots of styles and techniques are added that made their culture more colorful and lively. There are lots more to be revealed with the culture of Indonesia that is only be discovered when one is to relate himself with the Indonesians and get to know them personally. So visit this beautiful country any time and learn more about their vibrant culture and their way of living.

Snorkling At Bunaken 3

Snorkling At Bunaken

Indonesia: The Sulton's Palace (Kraton) Yogyakarta, Java It's good to be king, or sultan. Acres of grounds, servants, official and unofficial wives wives, people to carry your palanquin, does not sound bad to me. We hired the Bahasa-speaking guide for all the nitty-gritty information. Definitely worth it Otherwise We Would not have had a clue what we were the resource persons saying. Sultan's Palace, to be continued in the next video ...
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Surprise Yourself in Indonesia

You could travel many a mile before you find a range of attractions to rival Indonesia's attractions. As a tourist destination, it offers visitors an almost matchless variety. So along with your guidebook and your personal belongings, be sure to keep away any pre-conceived notions because Indonesia will surprise you at every turn.
Indonesia is full of anomalies such as the contrast of the miles of sandy beaches with the majestic misty mountains and lush green environment, and the dramatic experience of catching a glimpse of a rare and unique creature like the Komodo Dragon. The different beaches itself are dramatically different, varying from the serenely tranquil to those hopping with party activity. Kopi luwak is also a unique coffee which is a speciality of Indonesia. offers its customers an opportunity to sample the uniqueness of Indonesia by bringing them great deals in accommodation.
They give up to 75 percent discount on accommodation enhancing the holiday experience for customers. They also do periodic promotions where the customer can get an excellent deal for his budget.
Surround your Vacation with Natural Beauty
Luxury hotels Indonesia are many and cater to all tastes from exclusive and romantic resorts to world class family resorts. The Bintan Island has secluded exclusive resorts enclave where guests can enjoy private beaches, swimming pools and amenities of all varieties. The natural beauty and surroundings of Indonesia make a perfect foil for luxury hotels which tend to try and blend in with the surroundings and bring the ravishing landscape in.
Indonesia has over 400 volcanoes of which at least 128 are active.
Volcano tourism is a popular activity for people who like to trek and climb. Climbing up to a volcano is an incredible experience. Some of the volcanoes have natural lakes which are breathtakingly beautiful such as the sulphurous Ijen lake and the seaof sand effect in the Mount Bromo volcanic crater.
While in Indonesia, pay a visit to Sumba Island which shares many geographical characteristics with Australia. This will appeal to the adventurous traveler…it is one of those surprises that Indonesia springs on you. The Sumba is the last holdout for an original culture which is completely unique. You can bear witness to the astounding sight of horsemen throwing blunt spears at each other during the ‘Pasola' rituals.
Visit website and experience all that this spectacular country has to offer. offers a Gorgeous Path to Great Hotels in Indonesia

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traveling to bunaken, bukit kasih,manado indonesia.

nice and lovely place to go song do not belong to me
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The Molas shipwreck was a Dutch cargo vessel sunk during WWII near Molas beach, just outside the town of Manado in North Sulawesi. The deepest part of the wreck lies in 40m water. A school of longfin batfish (Platax teira) circles the top of the wreck. At nearby Tanjung Pisok, also on the Sulawesi mainland, we meet orang-utan crabs (Achaeus japonicus) in their familiar habitat on a bubble coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) and a delightful tiny clown frogfish (Antennarius maculatus). Shot in June 2006 with More Manado and Bunaken videos at http

◄ Pawon, Indonesia [HD] ►

Pawon is a small Buddhist temple. Historians have even dubbed it as "the jewel of Javanese temple architecture" due to its simplicity, symmetry and harmony. For more info on Pawon, Indonesia, visit: "..Exactly when the small Pawon temple was constructed is near impossible to say, as the ancient Javanese kingdoms seldom documented their history as written texts. Examination between the style and the carvings suggests that's Pawon is slightly older than Borobudur, which means it was built sometime during the 8th or 9th century." For more great video and audio guides from the world's most interesting places, check out has three purposes. The first is to be a source of inspiration for your next trip or simply to dream yourself away. Once you have chosen where to go, serves as an aid in planning your journey and deciding what to see. Last but not least, our Audioguides are meant to accompany you on your trip to provide valuable information once you are on-site at your destination. Everything provided to you without any cost - Enjoy!
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Is it Safe to Travel Indonesia?

Deciding Whether To Go - Research the Facts
While each individual must choose what's right for each individual situation, Via Her has compiled a list of tips to help you make an educated and informed decision.
Check with Consular Bureau
The first step in planning any international journey is to check with your country's consular bureau for any official travel alerts or warnings.  To ensure the most up to date information, Via Her recommends cross-referencing the consular bureau sites of at least two countries:
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
France Diplomatie
UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
US Department of State
Keep in mind there are significant differences between travel alerts and travel warnings.  For instance, some alerts advise travelers of the potential of natural activities, such as earthquakes and hurricane seasons.  In more extreme instances, travel warnings advise against traveling to a specific area (e.g.
Gaza Strip), or an entire country (e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan).
Research the country-specific consular briefings for the following:
- Travel warnings for your specific destination and/or the surrounding region.
- Political stability and upcoming elections.
- Risks posed by criminal and/or terrorist activity.
- Any country/region specific issues relative to assaults against women.
Investigate region specific medical issues
The Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s Travelers' Health offers information to assist travelers decide the vaccines, medications, and other measures necessary to prevent illness and injury during international travel.
Know the airline and country's aviation safety record
The European Union Transport Commission maintains a list of civil aviation authorities, airlines and aircraft that do not meetcertain safety criteria, and hence, are banned from operating in and over EU airspace.  Whether you're an EU citizen or not, make sure the civil aviation authority of the country you're considering traveling to and/or your proposed carrier isn't on this list!
Travel Arrangements
While most business travelers use a travel agency or corporate booking services, Via Her recommends taking a couple of extra steps to increase travel safety and peace of mind.
Obtain worldwide travel and medical insurance
Consider enrolling in an international travel and medical program. Most U.S. medical plans do not cover international health services provided, and not all foreign hospitals accept credit card payments.  A good plan will cover emergency travel, medical and security assistance, and, in extreme instances, medical evacuation (which, without insurance, can cost upwards of ,000).
Register with your country's consulate
We highly recommend registering with your government's consulate in the country you are visiting. Consular officers can provide a number of services In the event of an emergency, such as replacement passports, and in extreme instances, physical security and evacuation.  This is also a great opportunity to reconfirm your entry documentation (e.g., passport, visas, work authorization permits) is up to date.
Visit your doctor to obtain vaccines and prescription drugs
Your doctor should provide you with the appropriate vaccines and medication recommended by the CDC's Travelers' Health organization necessary to prevent illness and injury during international travel.  Don't forget to ask for refills for any prescription medication you take today - it may not be as easy to obtain in a foreign country.

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Bandung Factory Outlet

Shopping trip to Bandung Factory Outlet by QS Travel Services

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Indonisia Bandung Vlia - carboncopy pro

www.HOMEBUSINESSWOW.COM -Family trip to Indonisia Bandung Vlia ,the kids have alot fun farm life, Jeffrey Tan, my homebase http
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Rotary Exchange Student Indonesia From Brazil - Indonesia From Belgium - Indonesia and Rotex Indonesia PVJ, Bandung
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Tana Toraja, Toraja Culture Culture - Culture Toraja - Indonesia Travel Guide - Tourism

Tana Toraja (Toraja Culture). Visit:
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Grand Indonesia Mall - Shopping Mall Jakarta - Indonesia Travel Guide (Tourism)

Grand Indonesia - Shopping Mall Jakarta. by
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The Hyatt Regency Bandung Visit:
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Bunaken - Sulawesi

With a motorized bamboo boat along the coast

Going To Bunaken Island Manado

Brownies Kukus Amanda - Bandung City - Oleh-Oleh Khas Bandung - Indonesia Tourism

Brownies Kukus Amanda Visit:

This is Mutiara Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia. The hotel consists of low rise (3 storeys) buildings that is surrounded by greenery. This hotel is very near to the Bandung Railway station. If you are traveling on a budget, this hotel will suits you. For more information and photos on Mutiara Hotel Bandung, Bandung and Indonesia, visit our website at -
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"Java Bali lombok Tour Package 12D11N (Option A)" Javalotustravel's photos around Yogyakarta

Preview of Javalotustravel's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: "Java Bali lombok Tour Package 12D11N (Option A)" Entry: "Itinerary: DAY 01. ARRIVAL JAKARTA Meet and greet by your tour guide at Jakarta airport (Afternoon flight). Direct transfer to hotel for check in and stay overnight. DAY 02. JAKARTA CITY TOUR (B,L) Breakfast at hotel and proceed Jakarta city tour visiting National Museum, Sunda Kelapa old harbor Old Batavia and China town at Glodok. DAY 03. JAKARTA - BANDUNG (B,L) After breakfast, check out and depart to to Bandung. Arrive in Bandung drive to Tangkuban Perahu volcano. See for yourself a crater of 2000 meter in diameter that lays at 1800 meter ASL. Upon completion this tour, then proceed to Bandung city, check in at hotel and free program at your leisure. Optional: Afternoon sightseeing aound Bandung city, visit Merdeka building; a place for Asian African conference held in 1955, Geology museum; the home to various kinds of ancient stuff. Sate building; an Italian style of renaissance Spain and Siam building built in 1920, now utilized as a centrr of West Java provincial government. Last, take your time for a relax strolls along famous Bandung's shoppingstreet at Jalan RE Martdianata. DAY 04. BANDUNG - YOGYAKARTA (By train) (B) Morning breakfast, check out and depart to Bandung trin station ...

Grand Serela Hotel Bandung Lobby Level

A short video showing Grand Serela Hotel Bandung's entire lobby level. It is a three stars hotel located in LLRE. Martadinata (Riau) Street Number 56. Website:
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life [lahyf]: animation; liveliness; spirit. It's a video of our study trip to the two big cities in Indonesia. Here I am capturing the spirit, the life in the cities of Bandung and Jakarta. Will you remember them? Jess~ Many thanks to: Studio 6 (and our tutor Mr Chang Jiat Hwee :D) Pak Gimin & Ardana Tur Ratri, Robby and the guides from Universitas Indonesia enjoy :)
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Bunaken : Breathtaking Underwater Life

Visit: Ever fancy yourself being a mermaid? Being able to swim along with other creatures of the sea , moving to the rhythm of the waves? In the Bunaken Marine Park, you will encounter a real "mermaid", and you can also get a glimpse of sea life here. Bunaken is an 8.08 km² island in the Bay of Manado, situated in the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken forms part of the administrative city of Manado , capital of North Sulawesi. The marine Park around Bunaken is part of the National Park that also includes the ocean around the island of Manado Tua -- or Old Manado, Siladen and Mantehage. Within the Bunaken Marine Park, visitors can see various strange and colourful marine life along its sea bed. To reach this park, you can take a motorboat. The journey from Manado takes around 40 minutes. Entrance fee is 25000 rupiahs per person per visit. Visit:

Going To Bunaken Island Manado
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Some Reasons to Traveling to Indonesia

Indonesia is beautiful country in South East Asia. You can visit there by pass Singapore or Australia. There are so many attractive places there and you can easy visit all places. You don't need to worry when you have a plan to visit there. You will get heaven in the earth there. If you are looking for the best place to make your mind relax, you can visit Indonesia. There are so many tourism places in Indonesia that you can visit. You can choose to have natural travelling such as visit cave, or beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches that you can visit there. You can go to Bali. You must know Bali. Bali is beautiful island in Indonesia. There are so many foreign tourists that choose to visit Bali in their holiday because Bali becomes the most wonderful island in this world. You can get travelling and also learn how the Balinese culture. They are friendly and they will really appreciate all tourists that visit their island.
When you are looking for culinary travelling, Indonesia still becomes the best places to get culinary travelling.
You don't need to worry because each region will have special food. You can try to enjoy all foods from each region. If you are looking for something spicy, you can eat and enjoy Padangnese food. They always serve spicy food. If you want something sweet and it makes you feel better, you can eat gudeg from Yogyakarta. If we talk about shopping, you can also buy all things that you want in Indonesia. You can get cheaper products here. If you need fashion products, Bandung will become your best place to enjoy your fashion shopping. If you are looking for handicraft you can go to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is not only famous as education city but you can buy traditional handicraft such as puppet here. If you are looking for other handicraft such as silver handicraft, you still can get it easy in Kotagedhe Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta is also famous as the center of batik. You can learn how to make it too so you will able tomake it by yourself. There are so many travel agents that include visiting place to make special handicraft. You can buy this handicraft there. There are so many attractive offering and you don't need to pay for lots of money when you want to get it. You can also choose to buy baju batik (Indonesian). It is good for all purposes. You can wear it when you go to the office or you can wear it for other occasion. You can also buy kaos batik in Yogyakarta. All are in one place and you can get at Bering Harjo Market.

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81 - Bali, Indonesia Travel Tips - 8-24-11 (Jon De Leon)

Indonesia Travel Tips, Bali (Jon De Leon)
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Bali Travel video - Kudeta White Party

The infamous White Parties with its white dress code is always a success in Bali. Everyone who was anyone was there to celebrate the finale of the Passport to Paradise Party series, where the bronzed and buffed bodies of hundreds of summer partygoers groove away to the funky beats on the Island of the Gods... BALI....
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YouTube Bali Navi find video clips and travel info about Bali on YouTube.
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Bali Travel - Headed to Kuta! ~ Ep. 3 Evan and Andy head to one of Bali's best surf and party destinations, KUTA!
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Unlucky girl gets bit by a Monkey. Didn't let go of a banana in time at the Monkey Forest. Enjoy and for Ubud, Bali details, visit
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"Yogy" Ireneandjason's photos around Yogyakarta, Indonesia (travel to yogy)

Preview of Ireneandjason's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Yogyakarta, Indonesia Entry Title: "Yogy" Entry: "we arrived back to yogykarta after seeing the temple in borobudur. with help from the locals, we braved the public bus system and the very helpful driver put us out right where we needed. we have been here a few days now and have had some packed days. the first night we went to a puppet show. these are very popular in this region. according to the puppet maker, the tradition of the leather puppet started in java. the whole telling of a story can take up to 14 hours. we saw just one small episode called the death of kumbakarna. the puppets themselves are made of rawhide, carved out by hand to make a lattice work that shows through on a shadow. then they are painted with one whisker brushes using the glue paint made from the marrow of bones. this preserves the paint for several generations, even in direct sunlight. in all the take up to a month to complete. the music of the puppet show is great to hear. but though we knew the general idea of the story, it was hard to follow, as it was in javanese. we tried our hands at a point and serve food stall and some young people came to help us---no dragon fire this time. then we got a bike tuk tuk and this little old guy had to get off and push our big american butts up the hill. we were ...
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Ubud, Bali - a night out with two french backpackers, Travel Video Guide

On the bus trip to Ubud I met Lucie and Stephanie, two French girls backpacking around Bali for 2 weeks. Stephanie worked in Jakarta and had a strong grasp of the Indonesian language. They seemed to know a lot about Bali, so I decided to let them host the Ubud video. Lucie takes on shopping and Stephanie discusses cuisine. For more info on Sjaki-Tari-Us Thanks to Discovery sound for providing me with Indonesian music loops - Travel to Crete Crete is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. The thousands of visitors who visit these sites each year, essentially to see the archeological finds that are unique to Crete, is evidence of this. Crete is charming in many ways, and our travel guide will help you not miss experiencing any of the charms to be found. Think of our guide as a treasure map enabling you to enrich yourself with the jewels found in Crete. This season come and discover this fascinating Greek island, making use of the information in our travel guides. As the home of the Minoan civilization, Crete has great historical significance. Visiting archaeological sites such as Knossos, (according to tradition, it was the seat of the legendary king Minos), Phaistos and Gortys will impress travellers of all ages. Crete is divided into four areas: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, and Lasithi. All of these towns and villages are ideal for touring, as they all have hidden beauty, and significant sites to see. Use our guide to experience the best of Crete's music and dance traditions, the tiny sandy coves of Bali, water sports, and a great nightlife drinking and dancing on this Greek island is just the thing to help you forget your worries. Have the time of your life drinking raki, a popular Cretan grape spirit. Crete's culture is full of festivals. Summer time is the perfect time to visit and enjoy most of these festivals including the Chania's Summer Festival and the ...
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Ada Live in Bali

Special Thanks : Miss.Stephanie Tan (My Tour Guide from Jakarta) & Local Guide in Bali, They are very nice person and very good service make me have a good time while i stay in Bali. They are not only be tour guide but until now they are still be my good friends also...I have happy to know them....
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K-1 Visa Indonesia

The following post is intended to merely act as a primer for those seeking information about the K1 visa process in the context of Indonesia.
The K-1 visa process almost always officially begins with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). This office is under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is tasked with evaluating visa petitions. In the relatively recent past, the K1 visa petition was sent to a Service Center with jurisdiction over the Petitioner's place of residence. Now, USCIS has created lockbox facilities in an effort to streamline the overall process.
When it comes to the processing of United States family based visas many are under the mistaken impression that receiving USCIS approval is a foregone conclusion. This is simply not true as USCIS makes adjudications based upon the eligibility requirements of the visa category as codified in United States laws, statutes, and regulations.
That said, assuming a visa petition receives USCIS approval, it will then be forwarded to the American State Department's National Visa Center (NVC) where DOS personnel will initiate a security clearance and forward the case to the appropriate United States Embassy or Consulate for further processing.
Once an immigration file arrives at an American Mission abroad the consular processing phase of the K-1 fiance visa process can begin. At this phase of the K1 visa process an Indonesian fiance must prepare and remit an application package to the US Embassy in Jakarta and undergo an interview session before a K1 visa will ultimately be granted.
Many feel that the assistance of an attorney with the K1 visa process can provide tangible benefits to both an American petitioner and an Indonesian fiance as a professional can streamline the process and provide insight and advice regarding applicable United States Immigration law.
Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of so-called "visacompanies", "visa agents", "visa specialists", and/or "visa consultants" on the World Wide Web there has been a proliferation of individuals claiming expertise in US Immigration matters where none actually exists. Only a licensed attorney in a US jurisdiction is qualified to provide advice and counsel regarding matters related to USCIS, the Department of Homeland Security, or US immigration law. Thus, when discussing United States immigration matters with a prospective attorney it is generally prudent to request credentials proving an individual's ability to practice US Immigration law. Many Embassies and Consulates around the globe will correspond directly with an American attorney. The same cannot be said for those without licensure and those seeking US immigration services should bear this in mind when making a decision to retain a US Immigration Law Firm.

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Going To Bunaken Island Manado 3

Going To Bunaken Island Manado
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Daytripper - Your Ultimate Guide To Travel and Have Fun!!!

Daytripper adalah sebuah acara traveltainment berdurasi 30 menit yang ditujukan untuk mereka yang berjiwa muda dan selalu tertarik dengan ide dan cara baru dalam travelling, shopping serta kuliner. Konsepnya adalah tentang bagaimana kita dan anda semua dapat menikmati waktu liburan yang sangat singkat di akhir minggu, di sela-sela rutinitas sehari hari yang semakin padat. Setiap Sabtu, 10.30 WIB di Trans 7 bersama Arie Dagienkz dan Gwen Winarno.

K3 Visas: Indonesia

The forthcoming article is designed to convey information regarding the United States K3 visa process for an Indonesian spouse and the overall impact of NVC's "administrative closure" policy.
Comparatively few who research the K-3 visa process for the first time realize that it is not the traditional method of obtaining American family immigration benefits for an Indonesian spouse. In fact, the K-3 visa category was created under the provisions of the Life Act which was signed into law by President William Jefferson Clinton toward the end of the 20th century. The K-3 visa was a useful legislative creation which allowed many Americans to petition for expedited marriage visa benefits for their foreign spouses. Prior to the Life Act's promulgation, it could take up to three years for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to adjudicate a classic I-130 petition for spousal immigration benefits.
The K-3 visa could be obtained through filing of a supplemental immigration petition. Once in the United States on a K-3 visa, an Indonesian spouse would eventually be required to apply to adjust status to lawful permanent residence, but, unlike the K1 fiance visa, the K3 marriage visa was created as a multiple entry travel document with extended validity thereby allowing the foreign spouse more time to apply for adjustment when compared with the 90 time frame imposed by the regulations regarding the K-1 visa.
In 2010, the United States Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC) announced that all K-3 visa applications would be "administratively closed" when the underlying I-130 arrives at NVC prior to, or at the same time as, the arrival of the I-129f petition (the supplemental petition utilized when seeking K-3 visa benefits).
For those who are unfamiliar with the dynamics of the US visa process in a family based context, the USCIS adjudicates the immigration petition initially and, upon approval, sends the case file to the USState Department for further processing and adjudication. The National Visa Center (NVC) acts as something of a clearinghouse for approved K visa petitions as they are responsible with making sure that the visa application gets to the United States Embassy or Consulate with appropriate jurisdiction to process the visa application.
It would seem as though officials at the NVC made the decision that the K-3 visa category no longer served its original purpose where the underlying Immigrant visa petition receives adjudication before the K-3 visa petition. Thus, the American State Department made the policy that K-3 visa applications would be "administratively closed" if an adjudicated Immigrant visa petition for the same couple arrives at NVC before, or at the same time as, the K-3 petition. Shortly before the the promulgation of this policy, it usually took approximately eight months from initial USCIS petition submission until final visa application adjudication to get a K-3 visa, assuming few delays. Meanwhile, it takes about 11-12 months to obtain a CR-1 visa or an IR-1 visa from initial USCIS submission until final decision regarding a visa application. Although, this calculation does not take into consideration the fact that an approved Immigrant visa petition petition usually results in the issuance of either a CR-1 visa or an IR-1 visa, assuming visa application approval and depending upon the circumstances of the parties. A CR-1 visa or an IR-1 visa confers lawful permanent residence to the bearer upon admission to the USA. This cannot be said for the K-3 visa holder as this person would still need to apply for adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence which can be both financially costly and require the expense time, energy, and resources. For the aforementioned reasons, there are some who feel that the possible gains in speed attributable to the K-3 visa process did not greatly offset the superior benefits of classic immigrant visa status in theform of instantaneous lawful permanent residence upon admission to the United States.

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lobster from nuni village manokwari papua

As a tourist guide in Manokwari city of West Papua province of the Republic of Indonesia, I provide an ecotourism tour package to tourists who want to enjoy swimming, and snorkeling along the beautiful white and black sandy beaches of the northern coast of Manokwari. If you take this tour to Pantura, you will get a chance of eating Lobsters freshly caught from the sea. For more information, please visit my blog, beach

Online Bali Hotels & Tours Reservation Bali Hotels & Tours Reservation, offer Bali hotels & resorts, Bali day trip tour, rafting adventure tour, downhill cycling tour, water sport tour, photo tour, spa vacation, yoga class for your Bali packages tour programs. Are you looking for Bali hotels & tours? Check out here
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from jakarta, sentul, puncak, bandung and back to jakarta

one of the best road trip... gal friends rule!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jakarta-Bandung trip
Video Rating: 0 / 5

holiday in Bandung

i went to Bandung,Indonesia last week..It was a pretty cool place i ever been since this is the second time i travel out of my country... btw if the video looks weird or something..blame vegas! it went wrong after rendered

travel jakarta bandung

(uploaded via ) If you want to travel jakarta bandung, the more comfortable and enjoyable now. No more fear of running out transportation or accommodation. All are available with excellent facilities to serve you. To see the original PowerPoint presentation that was converted (for free) into this YouTube video, visit

This video was taken at Dago and Lembang, in Bandung city of Indonesia. By Vincentius Raymond, Fery William, and Hendry Budiana. We travel to Dago in the early morning to see Sun rise. And then go to Curug Dago (Dago Waterfall). And wehen the sun is above us we decide to go without preparation to Maribaya region loacted in the Lembang, Bandung. We saw new places and curug (waterfall), and it was so much fun. OST: Bondan - Ya Sudahlah Mbah surip - Bangun tidur Black Eyed Peas - I got the feeling.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Jarkarta, Bandung, Punjak Tour

To Manado from Bunaken

From To Manado Bunaken

A Quick Guide to Bali Villa Destinations

Bali may not be physically large (at least not by Australian or American standards) but there are a number of clear destinations on the island. The villa accommodations on the island are largely confined to a subset of those destinations. In this article, The Insider looks at the most popular destinations offering villa accommodations.
Villas in Bali are primarily found in the following locations: Candidasa, Canggu, Jimbaran, Pemuteran, Sanur, Seseh, Seminyak, Ubud and Uluwatu. These locations are primarily spread throughout the south-central region of the island. There are few villa accommodations located in the north, far west, or far east of the island; the two exceptions being Pemuteran in the far northwest and Candidasa in the southeast.
Located in the south eastern portion of the island, Candidasa is the newest destination to offer villa accommodations.
Most accommodations are actually located between Candidasa and nearby Padangbai. This area first popped up on to the luxury travellers radar when the Aman group opened Amankila. The Alila group is also there now and we're starting to see a few private villas open as well. Note that dining choices in the area are limited and taxis are few and far between. Look for a villa with a chef and a driver.
Why stay in Candidasa?
This is a good jumping off point for exploring the quiet rice terraces of east Bali and the slopes of Gunung Agung. It is also a good place to catch your breath either before or after a trip to neighboring Lombok. You can catch ferries to Lombok from Padangbai, or hire a speed boat if you prefer. With recent road improvements, Candidasa is now only 45 minutes drive from Sanur.
Canggu is the fastest growing villa accommodations area.
There is a wide number of options in this area at a variety of price ranges. Many of these accommodations are new, so finding mature gardens may be a challenge. This is alargely flat area of gently rolling fields (ex-rice fields). Most villas are garden view. There are a number of villas on the coast in this area. The nearby Canggu Club is also a magnet for new villas and if you are travelling with children, look for villas with a guest club membership; this provides options to help your kids pass the time in a supervised environment (while giving parents a much needed break!). Canggu is just a few minutes drive from Seminyak. Note that the road is crowded with traffic and taxis are not as easy to find, so you will want to find a villa with a driver.
Why stay in Canggu?
Wide range of choices, access to the beach, nearby Seminyak and the Canggu Club.
Jimbaran Bay provides one of the few pleasant swimming beaches on the island, and it also gives easy access to a number of dining options. Several five star resorts are located in this area, including the Four Seasons and the Inter-Continental. Most villa operations here are villa resorts, though the nearby Tiara area provides some private luxury rentals (though these are far from the beach). This area is very popular with Asian tourists.
Why stay in Jimbaran?
Good walking and swimming beach. Access to fine dining and the seafood restaurants on the beach. This location is also just a few minutes from the airport, so getting in and out is a breeze. Taxis are easy to find here.
Pemuteran is a small town located at the far northwest tip of the island. It is primarily a destination for those who wish to go snorkeling or diving around Palau Menjangan, or who wish to trek into the Bali Barat National Park. Facilities here are limited, though there are one or two good villa resorts. Dining options and transportation are rare commodities, so plan accordingly.
Why stay in Pemuteran?
The big reason to be here (OK, perhaps the only reason!) is the access to the natural features.Snorkeling and diving at Palau Menjangan are superb -- some of the best in Asia. Bali Barat is also an attraction for trekkers.
Sanur is Bali's most gentile destination. A mecca for tourists since the 1930s, Sanur has a more laid back and mature feel that the frenetic nightlife and party scene of Seminyak. The beach here has a boardwalk and the ocean is gentle enough to allow for safe swimming. There are several villas here, some of them quite large and elegant -- and quite exclusive.

Why stay in Sanur?
This is a more quiet side of tourist Bali. You have access to everything you could want here but without the party scene.
Seseh is a relative new-comer on the villa scene, at least in terms of name recognition. There have been villas there for some time, but most people have simply labelled the area "Canggu." In fact, Seseh is further northwest of Canggu and on the coast. You might say it is the "next" up-and-coming villa destination, the natural progression of growth and development past Canggu. Seseh is quiet and must less hectic than Seminyak. It has more of a traditional Bali village feel than Canggu (which is largely rice fields). All in all, it makes for a more relaxed and intimate feeling. On the downside, it is a fair distance from all the conveniences: shopping, markets, restaurants, and taxis. Look for a villa here with full services and make sure you have a car and a driver included.
Why stay in Seseh?
As a destination, Seseh is great if you want some place quiet and relaxed with access to an undeveloped beach. Good for families, and for anyone who plans to spend time relaxing at the villa.
Welcome to party central! Seminyak is the destination of choice if you want to be only a short wallk (or ride) from shopping, restaurant, markets and nightclubs. This district is urban and frenetic. This is the home of KuDeTa, LaLucchiola, the Oberoi and much, much, more. Finding an oasis of peace and quiet is a challenge but not impossible. Prices tend to reflect popularity as this is currently the destination of choice for Bali tourists looking for villa accommodations.
Why stay in Seminyak?
Convenience is Seminyak's hallmark. Everything is here. If you are party people or you really want a hopping beach scene, this is the spot for you. If you are willing to settle for a villa hotel or villa resort, there are some very good options here.
Often referred to as the cultural center of Bali, Ubud is a destination with a difference. The feature here is culture and increasingly, fine dining; it is not the spot for nightlife. Many people view Ubud as a day trip destination and stay on the coast. For those who choose to stay in Ubud, the day time is busy and a bit hectic, but in the evenings the town slows down and is very pleasant. Lots of good museums, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Plenty of shopping here, too, but prices in recent years have gone up dramatically. Note that proper taxi services are lacking in Ubud; if you don't have your own car and driver you are at the mercy of the touts with private taxis.
Why stay in Ubud?
Ubud is cooler and damper. This is not the coast -- this is the jungle. It has completely different vibe than the coastal locations. Stay here if you want to enjoy museums, dance performances, and exploring cultural attractions.
Uluwatu is a rising star in the luxury accommodations scene. (The arrival of the Bulgari helped cement that position.) Many five star resorts are under development here and there are some beautiful, large villas here as well. Some of the island's most posh accommodations are perched atop the cliffs of Uluwatu, looking out over the Indian Ocean. Find a fully serviced villa here, with a car and driver, else you will feel stranded.
Whystay in Uluwatu?
Most people that stay here fall in two classes: Either luxe travelers, or surfers. There are accommodations for both. Aside form the surfing and the views, there is not much else to recommend the area, as development of infrastructure has yet to keep pace with the arrival of the resorts and villas.

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Travelling to Bali

Whenever you visit Bali, the island of gods, you will have a feeling that it is your sweet home. This is not an exaggeration, given that Bali Private Villas can offer you the best services in a professional manner and always keep your privacy.

The island of Bali is capable of leaving you completely stunned with its natural beauty. Almost all the popular visitor areas offer the services of private villas. In addition to all the facilities offered at the Bali Private villas, private retreats are offered essentially that include a tropical garden attached to the villa.

A trip taken to Bali is not a very expensive one and you can always take your family members and your friends with you to have a quiet and yet happening vacation. However, before you plan on a trip, arranging for accommodation is one of the very important pre-requisites.
If you opt for a private villa in Bali, you need not look anywhere else. Almost everything that you would require either already available at the place of your stay, or is available locally.

The private villas that you find in Bali are designed to represent the comfort that you would feel in your own house. The houses are constructed in various settings, and yet all of them have the home-like ambience, and are therefore an ideal place to stay. Among the various types of villas that are available, one of the most popular ones are those that are exclusively designed for newlyweds. These villas provide total comfort, intimacy and complete privacy for couples who are here on their honeymoon or are just rejuvenating.

Among all the various facilities that you could desire while on a vacation, you will find everything available at your private villa in Bali.
All the houses have a little green yard at the entrance that welcomes you for your stay in this magnificent island that is itself full of scenic beauty. As you go inside, the private area and space will totallysurprise you. The villas have fully-functional kitchens for you to prepare your own food if you like. The other luxuries include television, internet connection, gymnasium rooms, etc. Also, every bedroom is centrally air conditioned thus guarantying total comfort in the night as well as daytime.

The villas in Bali are constructed keeping in mind the comfort and the conveniences of the travelers. Apart from all the basic services that you would get while you stay in hotel, the villas obviously offer much more. In terms of expenses, they might cost a little more than the expensive hotels, but the privacy and the comfort you get when in a villa are unmatched.

The basic services also include facilities like an e-suite bathroom, a Jacuzzi, kitchen gardens or green back yards and also a private swimming pool. Some villas also offer semi opened bathrooms for you to blend yourself with the lush green surroundings that can make showering a memorable experience.

The private swimming pool that you will find in your own private villa in Bali is surrounded with green tropical plants. The pool can be used at your own leisure. The beauty of the vacation increases with the dinner possibilities that are available inside the villa. Candle light dinners will never be more romantic once you dine with your spouse in the villa at Bali.

The staff offers you complete privacy when you are at the villa. However, in case of any service or emergency, you can always have them available at your doorstep. Some famous locations that offer you private villas are Kuta, Jimbaran and Canggu. So go ahead, and have the best vacation of your life!!!

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