Sunday, 4 September 2011

travel jakarta bandung

(uploaded via ) If you want to travel jakarta bandung, the more comfortable and enjoyable now. No more fear of running out transportation or accommodation. All are available with excellent facilities to serve you. To see the original PowerPoint presentation that was converted (for free) into this YouTube video, visit

This video was taken at Dago and Lembang, in Bandung city of Indonesia. By Vincentius Raymond, Fery William, and Hendry Budiana. We travel to Dago in the early morning to see Sun rise. And then go to Curug Dago (Dago Waterfall). And wehen the sun is above us we decide to go without preparation to Maribaya region loacted in the Lembang, Bandung. We saw new places and curug (waterfall), and it was so much fun. OST: Bondan - Ya Sudahlah Mbah surip - Bangun tidur Black Eyed Peas - I got the feeling.
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