Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bali Travel Packages From India -The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok

Frommer’s Bali and Lombok

 “Frommer’s Bali and Lombok” includes information on plan an adventurous vacation, whether you’re hiking, practicing yoga, sailing, scuba diving, or surfing your way around Bali and Lombok; explore ancient seaside and cliff-top temples, strolling through rice terraces, learning traditional music and dance, and discovering hidden beaches; find everything from rich Balinese textiles, to classic handcrafts, and unique paintings; book alternative accommodations and seeking out the islands’ local side, including staying in family homes and finding the best Balinese cuisine in warungs; Plus, enjoy a discussion on the history and culture of both islands, a Balinese and Indonesian language guide, and more!
Hungry wave seekers can find breaks in Bali and Lombok’s waters every day of the year: Detailed maps throughout; Exact prices, directions, opening hours, and other practical information; Candid reviews of hotels and restaurants, plus sights, shopping, and nightlife; Itineraries, walking tours, and trip-planning ideas; also many insider tips from local expert authors.
Bali: A Travel Adventure

The tropical Indonesian paradise of Bali has extraordinarily vivid beauty.
Terraced rice paddies seemingly rise up to the sky, while silhouetted palms, still active volcanoes and volcanic lakes contrast with lovely beaches and lagoons. Bali’s temples, carved statues, and colorful art are evidence of a thriving culture that maintains its freshness and simplicity in a modern age. Bali: A Travel Adventure is an unforgettable visual record of the island and its people.
Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods

“Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods” is a good quality guide book for those who travel to Bali not just to lie on a beach or surf, but also for its amazingcultural and historical heritage, where every village and temple have their own story.
You will not see “places to shop” or “places to stay” in this book. “Periplus Guide to Bali: The Island of the Gods” is a book for people who want to feel in a new place not like stupid foreigners but rather informed observers, understanding the Bali’s performances, rituals, and the lifestyle. The book gives you the background you need to decide what you want to see and where you want to go in Bali. The writing is clear, informed, highly opinionated in a “been there done that” in a sort of way.
The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok

 Make the most of the cultural and natural richness of Bali & Lombok with this comprehensive and up-to-date guide. The full-colour introduction takes a stunning look at many of the islands’ highlights, from the dramatic cliff top temples to the sparkling white-sand beaches. “The Rough Guide to Bali & Lombok” also give you information about Balinese pop music, volcanic landscapes, traditional and modern performing arts and coverage of the islands’ chic side with fashionable spas, designer boutique hotels and exceptional shopping, plus family-friendly destinations and activities. Whatever kind of traveller you are, from beach comber to eco-tourist, on a budget or money’s-no-object, you’ll find the accommodation, restaurants and experiences that are right for you. Extras include advice on where to dive, how to arrange treks up the island’s volcanoes and the top surf breaks. The Rough Guide to Bali & Lombok gives you all the practical advice you’ll need for a great adventure.

I discuss the two types of massages available in Bali. It is important for men in particular to be aware of this so as not to lead to misunderstanding. There is a traditional massage which one can usually get in beauty salons, and there is the complete massage, which usually finishes with a happy ending! These complete massages are usually offered by women not working in beauty salons, but just working the street, renting a small room. The cost of a traditional massage is very reasonable, about -5 AUD for an hour. The cost for a happy ending massage you will have to investigate yourself!
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