Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Disclaimer of Indonesia Admirer

1.  Allowed to do the copying, reproduction, and dissemination of material from this website, by any means and / or any media, for non-commercial purposes that do not violate the law, ethics, norms, racial, and human rights. It is recommended to include the source along with the link. Request permission via the comment is considered legitimate and not have to wait for a response from the owner of this web site.

2.  The owner of this web site does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and quality content.

3.  All contents of the article in this website are only intended to promote Indonesian tourism. Not intend to injure others, defame, libel a person or company, racial, or anything that makes other people or other institutions feel uncomfortable.

4.  Links from other sites does not mean giving a reference standard to the users of this web site, but only the owner of this website reference at the time of charging content.

5.  The owner of this web site is only responsible for the content that is loaded by the owner, while the content is derived from a link / link becomes the responsibility of the relevant links, as well as comments from users become the responsibility of each user of this web site. However, on the basis of subjectivity, the owner of this web site is fully entitled to display or not display the comments and do editing as necessary. To this last point, if considered necessary, the owner of this website will provide notes at the end of the comment is displayed.

6.  The impact of the use of the content of this web site is the responsibility of users, including the possibility of a psychological disorder, technical errors, virus attacks, and other things that cause can not be accessible in part or whole of this web site.

7.  Where there are objections to writing, news, information, logos, images, icons, and other content, are welcome to submit comments or objections via email to dennybenjoe@gmail.com, as soon as possible, the owner of this web site will perform the necessary action.


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