Saturday, 16 October 2010

Land Cruising

Bali Land Cruising Adventure

Experience the mystical heart and soul of this amazing island hidden far away from the bustle and the crowds of the Bali you have already seen. Travel by legendary luxury Land Rover, on tiny country roads and tracks, through terraced rice fields and untouched rainforest for the real heart of Bali.

  • Sobek 4WD Bali Adventure

    Sobek 4WD Bali Adventure 
    Incredibly beautiful journey of discovery into nature
    Embark on a journey of discovery between the giant shadow of Mount Agung and the turquoise waters of the Bali Straits in Karangasem, Bali's Eastern Regency. Sobek howcases a side of Bali where traditional culture survives amidst thriving rural communities and an old kingdom rich with unique customs, festivals, practices and a way of life that is simply Peaceful"
    Your journey of discovery weaves through hidden back country roads, where you will explore the hidden beauty and culture of ancient villages. Along the way you will stopped to watch traditional crafts in the making, see old Balinese men taking their breakfast at road side whilst the woman of the village carry on with their daily routine.
    The professional, friendly and bilingual Sobek guides with their wealth of understanding and knowledge, will provide you with a fascinating adventure amidst the beauty of the Balinese landscape. You will not want to step foot out of the car, as you are escorted back to your hotel !

    • Paddy Adventure Bali Land Rover Touring

    Enjoy the most exhilirating safari tour in a legendary Land Rover from one Traditional Village to another. Explore the Magic of Balinese traditional ways with it's spectacular views in an approximately 8 hours drive. You will be collected at your hotel to get this extravaganza tour, which is a combination of public roads, community, and back roads.


    US$130 (ADULT) US$95 (CHILDREN) US$427 (FAMILY)


    US$80 (ADULT) US$65 (CHILDREN) US$265 (FAMILY)


    US$54 (ADULT) US$45 (CHILDREN) US$188 (FAMILY)


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