Friday, 15 October 2010

Bali Cycling Adventure

Bali Cycling Adventure and Java Cycling Adventure

  • Bali Cycling Adventure

This cycling recommend route offer you some of the most beautiful and fascinating view of island and allows you to ride through the number of picturesque photo opportunities.
The cycling starts high in the slope of Abang Mountain at Suter Village.Your experienced cycling guide will give you detailed information about cycling ride prior to starting for your destination.You will see Balinese culture and custom while you pass through the timeless countryside along the ride;arrive finally at the simple Bangbang Village.No other tour activity you as close to the real Bali as we do.


 Java Cycling Adventure 

 1. Bogor botanical garden

Live in a small apartment, work in a small office space in a commercial building, and hangout in malls. you do feel like have to ‘get out’ every now and then to escape the walls, the outlets, the same old thing. But Where? Of course i can simply go to some spa destination, or to other city or even overseas, but it will cost too much and not doable in weekly basis. So this is where i went last weekend Located in 85-hectare area with more than collection of trees & plants, it can be a very long walk as you can imagine. Every plant & tree we walked by has a name tag, but without further explanation.

2. Bandung Tea Garden

Mountain Bike Action, travelling to Cianten bendungan Karacak

 like the scene... very very comfortable, calm and peacefull. when take a round in the middle of the tea plantation,  feel like  was part of the mother nature... oh dear God! so green, so calm, so peaceful... and the price...  never worry about this, because everything is c h e a p there... but price is not important, if the price were expensive i'd still go back there! Because of we'll get such a beautiful experience to be the part of the mother nature...!


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