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Bandung City Square (Alun-alun)

Bandung City Square

Bandung City Square or also called Alun-alun is a City parks or public open space is one of the facilities of Bandung city as a place for the citizens that must be provided by the government. This facility has become a civilization and culture in every country, since the Indonesian kingdoms until now. Although the public place is never separated from the government’s power, but in each era formed space in the broad field of the central government is perceived as belonging to citizens, or the public.

Bandung City SquareBandung City Square (Alun-alun)

In Indonesia, the wide field in front of the government, district or districts and municipalities, called a square. A wide field surrounded by the central government ( regent / mayor), the market, a prison (or the police station / military / security) and the liturgy. The zone of architecture of the city that is many centuries of age.

Bandung City Square
In ancient times, the king of the square is for the benefit of formal government, for example, military ceremonies or formal non-military, ceremonial liturgy or a party and the night market. The same concept is in the world though different zone, referred to as a plaza or town square.

The Residents thought it’s important to have square as the center information, the crowd, the big events, a playground area, bazaars, and even to play at night under the light of days with feelings of comfort. Not sure square is also an image of the city.

Before the concept of a metropolis, the city is called the district, as led by a regent. This city is located in front of the Bupati office of Bandung. Tragic enough when the Regent of Bandung office moved to Soreang. Bandung is established (several months before Daendels central government also established colonialism) is expelled from the location history. We forget that those who qualified native called the Bandung is that they are born and grow in Soreang, Cililin, Banjaran, Dayeuhkolot, Bale Endah, Majalaya, Pangalengan, Ciparay, Cicalengka and so on.. Bandung city itself is just a small city filled with many immigrants.

Bandung city center is around the road Aceh Merdeka, Wastukancana, and can not provide the same concepts such as Bandung City Square. However the park is clean and Bandung city center is also nice to visit.

While in other cities, Indonesian people usually never forget to visit the City Square. Tasikmalaya, Garut, Ciamis, Kebumen, Kuningan, Medan, Yogyakarta, and Makassar are the cities that most Indonesian people like. We can file smiling faces when we see people play, sit and walk or run enjoy the nice sunset.

Over the years the square was closed because the Bandung Mosque project developed (Mesjid Agung Bandung) which changed its name to the Masjid Raya Bandung development was completed mid-year 2003 ago. Four years more square Bandung lost from view. Perhaps also people forget it.

Mesjid Agung BandungMesjid Agung Bandung
(Great Mosque)

Several months ago, Bandung City Square re-opened, with new faces that are far more interesting, more clean and comfortable, although not as comfortable as the old atmosphere.

Bandung Shopping CenterShopping Center


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