Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Flora & Fauna , and Marine Life

o Flora & Fauna:
Indonesia is divided into three distinct zoological geographical zones which includes a transitional area in the central part of the archipelago.

The Western islands of the Archipelago display predominantly Asian characteristics of verdant jungles, rare orchids and the giant Rafflesia, (a plant which produces a bloom over 1 meter in diameter). A land where tigers, leopards, elephants, rhinos and thousands of varieties of birds and insects make it their home.

Further east, the Central islands present a gradual shift from Asian to Australasian flora and fauna. Sulawesi, for example, boasts both monkeys and marsupials, while Komodo is home to a pre-historic giant lizards commonly “dragon” found nowhere else in world.

The Eastern most islands, however, are more indicative of Australasia with bush-like shrubs and hardy plants; brilliantly colored Lorries, Cukatoos and Australian marsupials become more common place. These wonderfully diverse illustrations of life are protected in numerous nature reserves and National Parks scattered throughout the archipelago.

o Marine Life:
Marine tourism has taken off in Indonesia in a big way, with the establishment of protected Marine Parks, professional dive centers, certified dive masters guides, and some of the most colorful, breathtaking sea gardens anywhere in the world.

In the warm tropical, turquoise waters, magnificent coral reefs, alive with color support myriad types of fish and other marine life. Some of the underwater drop-offs are awesome and downward visibility can be as far as 30 meters in some areas. A journey into this extraordinarily vibrant underwater world is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for both snorkellers and scuba divers alike.


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